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PBW Pro automated appointment reminders increase scheduling efficiency and reduce no-shows

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With a calendar and a personalized login for each professional, there is no confusion when checking schedules and booking appointments.

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You no longer depend on other systems and people to do the essential tasks for your nail salon. You can do it yourself!


More Reasons to have Automated Reminders

In addition to being a natural marketing of your company, the use of Appointment Reminders considerably reduces chances of your clients forgetting their appointments, therefore reducing no-shows. It is estimated that around 17% of beauty clients forgets about their appointment. When using appointment reminders, that number falls below 6%.

PBW Pro helps you in optimizing your service, improving your relationship with the client and enabling a more efficient organization of your schedule. You no longer need to make calls or write messages to each customer. PBW Pro automatically sends custom automated reminders. You can choose the frequency, how far ahead you want to send them, and you can also personalize your cancellation policy.

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