Establish Yourself Online with a Free Website

Create your own personalised website in just a few hours and get started on effectively establishing your online presence. Show up in search results and get noticed by clients when they look up professionals in their area offering the services that you do. Promote this website on your social media profiles.

Customisable and Easy to Use

Customise this website as and when you need to. Sell your products, gift cards, add offers and promotions and any other promotional feature you require to boost your business. Offer loyalty rewards to your frequent clients. Host seasonal sales and offer discounts customers simply cannot refuse.

Professional and Attractive Themes

Display your website in such a manner that it looks beautiful and presentable to your customers as they browse through your services and products. An attractive page shall exponentially affect the website’s effectiveness since your clients shall indeed have a pleasant time browsing through it.

Showcase Your Reviews

Display your clients’ reviews and highlight them so your potential clients know the excellent services they can expect from you as they walk through your doors. Good reviews by real clients stand out and are extremely effective in gaining the trust of future clients and speak out to them personally.

Sell Your Products Online

Easy sales for your beauty, wellness and fitness products online. Customers can purchase them directly from you and have it directly delivered to them. Simple online payment methods that enable quick and hassle-free sales.

List Your Services

Does your salon offer unique hair spas or exceptional makeup techniques you wish more people knew about? Well, we simply refuse to keep clients deprived of your amazing services. List them on our app and catch the eye of plenty of potential clients looking just for you.

List Your Consultants

Your star employees deserve all the attention that they can get and here’s your chance to give them that. Enlist your employees and their particular services so clients know beforehand who they are going to be trusting their wedding makeup with.

List Your Products

Keep your sales going by displaying your products online and describing how your customers can benefit from them. Your business may have products unique to you that your regular clients may not be able to restock given they have to travel to you every time. Online payments can be conducted easily using a convenient point of sales.

List Your Reviews

Have your super impressed clients given you some excellent feedback that you wish the world would know about? List them here so your potential clients know just how wonderful their appointment with you is going to go.

Detailed, Easy To Use Calendar

An efficient calendar that gets automatically updated each time your client books an appointment. Use this to visualise various bookings at once so that you can manage them easily. Update information as and when required directly in the calendar.

Easy Appointment Bookings

Your customers can book appointments online in minutes now using the website or app. In just a few clicks, they can schedule an appointment for a particular service and even pay for it online.

Manage Client Appointments

Managing client appointments has never been this easy. Reschedule, cancel and modify bookings in no time at all, all in one page at that. This saves you precious time during which you can relax and maybe even get your own nails done.

Appointment Reminders

Say goodbye to no shows and last-minute cancellations that leave you at a loss dreaming about any alternative plan you could have made instead. Send well-timed reminders to your clients so that they do not forget to show up for the appointment.

Point of Sales

When we say this isn’t just an appointment booking app, we really mean it. Check-out your clients right on the appointment screen itself. Better yet, this can be done using any handheld device, laptop or computer.

Redeem Offers, Coupons & More

You’re obviously going to be offering your clients various attractive offers and discounts. During check-out easily let your customers redeem, gift cards, groupons and coupons that they have very easily. Add relevant discounts and the final price presents itself super easily.

Calculate Commissions

Gone are the long hours spent calculating commissions and tiring yourselves out doing so. This app takes care of that in no time, letting you sit back and attend to other things you could be doing in this time instead.

Online Payment

Your clients can complete their transactions online at the time of booking, thus eliminating any payment related hassles and unnecessary bill printings. Go cash free, save paper and reduce no shows super effectively. This is what we call ‘win-win-win’.

Booking Reminders

Send automated booking reminders to your clients through text messages, push notifications or email and ensure that they do not forget about their appointments with you.

Promotions and Offers

Send your clients messages updating them on interesting offers and deals that shall entice them. Approach potential clients via our automated messaging feature.


Create automated deals and promotions for specific time periods, holidays and time of the year. You can plan ahead and create your campaigns to go out in specific days and avoid missing out the opportunity of increasing your sales.

Special Occassions

Let your clients spend the days leading up to their special day being pampered by you. Keep their birthdays and anniversaries stored so you can send them special automated offers.

Show Up in Search Results

Your popularity increases hundredfold as your business name starts showing up on the first few pages of Google. Owning a personalised website can definitely help you establish yourself.

Social Media Promotion

Provide links to all your social media platforms so clients can connect with you and stay updated on your latest happenings. Moreover, your clients can easily book their appointments directly on your social media profiles using PBW.

Email Marketing

Send regular newsletters, latest offers, deals & discounts via email and maintain regular customer interaction. Send them special discounts and offers on their special days and show them you care.

Membership Packages

Devise special multi-tier membership packages that can get you regular clients. Bombard them with excellent plans they simply cannot say no to. Add some loyalty rewards for your most regular clients.

Offers, Promotions and Deals

Your customers are going anywhere else once you offer them discounts on excellent and beneficial services that they shall require regularly. Sell gift cards that can be redeemed by clients’ friends and boost your clientele mightily.

Social Media

Your clients can easily book right from your business Facebook page. Clients can view services, pricing, and business information synced from your PBW account.

Know Your Clientsh3>

Get an idea about the special needs of the client who just booked an appointment with you and cater to them a memorable experience they are likely to recommend to their friends.

Analyse Your Clients

The gained knowledge allows you to filter out your most regular clients. Find out what keeps them coming and use this feedback to your advantage.

Manage Your Clients

Organise your customer information systematically and easily such that you can access this from anywhere and at any time.

Appreciate Your Loyal Clients

Offer reward points and special discounts targeting your most regular clients. Let them know you’re grateful to them for their unwavering loyalty.

Know Your Employees

Have a comprehensive knowledge and gain an informed insight about your employees. Gather all their information in a single, easy to access location.

Manage Your Staff

Schedule their appointments as per availability and expertise. Manage their business profiles and promote them as well on your website.

Analyse Staff Performance

Be updated on how they’re faring and who’s receiving constant top ratings from their clients. Adjust their commissions and tips accordingly.

Financial Control

Manage your employees’ salaries and individual commissions and update relevant information as and when needed.

Ratings & Reviews

Encourage clients to rate and provide feedback on your clients which you can display on your website as well as help boost their self confidence.

Track Your Sales

Analyse the detailed reports that are automatically generated and see how your sales are faring, know which services and products are selling out best. Using this information, focus more on the rendition and promotion of these services.

Analyse Your Revenue

The knowledge gained from the business reports provide you information on your current and previous business revenues. This allows you to plan accordingly and implement necessary actions for future growth.

Analyse Your Staff

Know who is bringing in the maximum profits for your business and see if you might have to make changes in your staff to bring up your business.

Anytime, Anywhere

our reports are being automatically generated and updated. You can access this information anytime you need to.

PBW is a suite of business management and marketing tools for beauty and wellness businesses of all sizes. Establish your business and your reputation online with a professional mobile-responsive website. Streamline your operations with our business management tools. Grow your sales with our fully-functional marketing, booking and point-of-sale tools. .

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