Frequently  Asked Questions

Please see below answers to some of the commonly asked questions about Personal Beauty & Wellness (PBW)

  1. What is PBW?

    • Personal Beauty & Wellness, (PBW) is a free APP, through which one can easily search and reserve appointments with trusted and pre-screened local Beauty and Wellness professionals. Through PBW mobile and web App, you can book your appointment 24/7 from either your cell phone, laptop, PC or any mobile device.
  2. Can I sort the experts/consultants by price, review, or travel distance?

    • Yes. Once you have type the service you require and click search, you can then sort out the list by review, price or travel distance.
  3. What is the cost of the app?

    • For consumers the app is free
    • For businesses or freelancers, we charge a small monthly fee.
  4. Do I have to commit to a term contract?

    • No. contract and no commitment period. You can stop using the service anytime. However, any subscription fee paid will not be refunded if you terminate within the period for which the fee has been paid.
  5. Is there a trial period?

    • Yes. There is 30 days trial period
  6. Can I pay my subscription fee with a credit or debit card?

    • Yes. This can be paid using credit or debit cards
  7. As a business with multiple locations, what will my monthly subscription fee be?

    • Unlike our competitors, we do not do menu pricing (meaning charging based on the number of staff using the software). We will charge you a discounted fee as the number of location increases. 1 location = $30 per month, 2-3 locations = $45 per month, 4-5 locations = $65 and 5 to more locations $90 per month
  8. As the owner of a chain of spa, salon, or barbershops, what kind of reports can I get from the system?

    • You can get weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual  revenue and orders report for each location or for the overall locations
    • You can get the same type of report for all or each employee.
    • You also get report showing you the monthly or total revenue from repeat customers and much more
  9. What kind of checks do you do on the consultants/experts as I concerned over having people I don’t know coming to my home for the first time?

    • We randomly consultants/experts on PBW who perform in-house, office or any locations outside their place of business have been background verified through states and local sites of the division of criminal justice services and where the law authorizes us to carry these checks
    • In cases where there is not profile picture of the expert at the time of booking, we encourage our consumers to call the spa or barber shop and talk with a representative if they have any concerns over who is coming to their home or at their location of choice.
  10. Can I find experts/consultants in all the US states?

    • Now we are only in New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Washington D.C and Massachusetts States and we expect to launch in other states in the coming months
  11. What if I need to cancel my appointment?

    • Yes. You can cancel your appointment at any time within the 24 hours cancellation period, by clicking cancel order. A cancellation notice will be emailed to the expert/consultant. You do not need to call for the cancellation.
  12. Can I reschedule an appointment?

    • Yes. You can reschedule an appointment within the 24 hours cancellation period and you will not be charged.
  13. Once I have booked an appointment online do I get a confirmation from the consultant or expert?

    • Yes. Once the consultant or expert has confirmed your booking, you will get a confirmation email.
  14. Will I get a reminder of my appointment?

    • Yes. You will receive 48 hours and 24 hours reminder emails if your appointment is booked more than 48 hours