5 Main Mistakes Spa and Salon Owners Make

Conquering a new customer costs an average of 15x more than keeping an existing one. An unhappy customer tends to share their negative experiences at your spa or salon to at least five people. And, if they publish it on their Facebook wall or tweet about it, this number can be much worse.

Here are some big mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them:

Clean and Sanitized

Have you ever been to a restaurant and got amazed by how clean their bathroom was? So you probably remember the ones that were gross as well.

Do you realize the impact a clean bathroom can have on your customers? An important tip is to either have multiple small towels that get thrown in a container for washing or have disposable paper towels. Don't make the mistake of having one big hand towel hanging in your bathroom. When multiple people use a towel, it becomes unhygienic. Make sure your bathrooms, and your entire facility, is clean and sanitized.

"Your opinion is very important to us." - Is it?

How can your customers provide you feedback? If the only way to get your attention is going online and leaving a negative review, you're doing it wrong.

Encourage your staff to ask your customer's feedback after the service, and remedy any unpleasant experiences before they leave. Consider sending follow-up e-mails, sending a "Thank you" card after the appointment, or giving your customer a phone call to ensure that they had a positive experience and are happy with their services.

Unrealistic Expectations

Be careful with your advertisement. Don't promise what you can't deliver. Although promising to get instantly rid of wrinkles or smooth and silky hair in a day can attract new customers to your spa or salon, it might backfire when customers don't get what you promised. You should try to guide your client and manage their expectations in the services. If a client comes in with a celebrity picture asking for hair color or cut, you should adjust their expectations and explain their options so that they don't get angry when don't look like Alicia Keys after the service.

Talking too much

Learn how to feel the room. We have mentioned in our previous posts how important it is to have a good relationship with your customer. However, you need to be sensitive to when your customer wants to talk, or if they are trying to relax and unwind. Gossiping, making negative customers about clients and complaining about your day are not the right ways to build a good relationship with your customer. Let your client relax and enjoy and talk when appropriate to allow your customer to have a positive and pleasant experience.

Pushing Products

 People don't like feeling pressured to buy anything. If you are trying to help the customer by indicating the best products for their goals or merely trying to make a sale, wording things the right way can make a big difference between a customer feeling pressured and a customer feeling helped. For specifics on how wording can help secure a positive relationship with your customer, see our blog post.

You should also have clear pricing for each service. If a service has several layers of pricing, explain them to your customer before you start the treatment. No one likes to be surprised with unexpected charges at checkout!

Other things to keep in mind:

* Don't have a bunch of old magazines laying around for your customers. It can give the wrong impression that your spa or salon is outdated and doesn't care about innovating.

* Don't make your client wait: Be mindful when booking appointments to give you enough time for prep between customers. Long waits can make your clients restless and stressed before the service.

* Always tell your clients about potential treatment complications, allergies, and counterindications. To be on the safe side, research waivers and agreements for specific treatments to avoid any unexpected liability problems.

Share these tips with your staff or coworkers to help avoid costly mistakes in your spa or salon!