5 Steps to Increasing Your Salon Client Base

According to salontoday.com, most beauty salons only keep about 33% of new clients. That’s 67% that will never return for that second visit.Let’s put that into actual numbers; if you have 600 new clients in a year, only 198 are going to make another appointment with you.That's a loss of 402 clients per year.In money terms, if each client spends $150 per visit and visits you 4times a year, you could stand to lose $241,200 per year. Ouch!

The answer is simple; keep those clients!

That's a no-brainer, right?  But how do you go about doing that? These five tips will help you.

Create a referral program. Car dealerships do it, why not you?  Give your customers the opportunity to earn rewards for bringing in friends.  You can offer discounts on services, free products, or consultations—anythingto get those new clients back in the door again.

Identify a Niche and Dig In.Whether your niche is organic products, the Zen feel of your storefront or catering to busy parents who just need some “me” time, finding it can mean the difference between success and failure. Clients will be drawn to your look and feel, don’t suddenly change your style or they won’t want to come back.

Target family members with special rates. Offer discounted rates for family members. If mom comes to the salon, why not invite her spouse or kids? Dedicate a portion of your salon just to children—not only will it help the stressed-out busy parents relax a little when they come to get their hair done, you may end up cutting the kid’s hair as well. 

Invest in Your Staff.Your staff is your store.  These people are the ones who are a creating the experience for your clients, they are the ones that are selling your products, they are the ones on which your business rises or falls.  It’s your responsibility to cultivate them and reward them for excellent performance. Every employee deserves a healthy work/life balance, competitive pay, and benefits. Make sure you’re offering your employees the opportunity to grow in their career without being stressed by their workload. Your clients will see the difference and keep coming back for more!

Look for unique opportunities. Online booking has have been proven to increase customers and sales. Signing up for a service like PersonalBeauty Wellness(PBW) opens up new opportunities to find the right clients for your salon or spa, and to make sure they keep coming back again and again.Click here to sign up for PBW today.