Can you guess? Truth and myths about nail health

When it comes to nail care, there are always some questions regarding nail growth, blemishes, and other issues. Let's unravel the myths about nail care!

Can too much nail polish make your nails yellowish?

Truth! Some dark colors, especially red ones, can cause yellowing of the nails. It is important to let your nails "breathe" between dark nail polishers. Consider alternating between dark and light colors, or not using any polisher for a week.

Does removing cuticles make your nails grow faster?

Myth! The cuticles protect your nails from infections and bacteria and have no relation to its growth. Ideally, you should only remove the excess cuticle with a spatula and moisturize it well, so it doesn't show as much.

Are white spots a sign of lack of vitamins?

Myth! The white spots that appear and disappear over time are usually caused by traumas in your nail bed. A bump or bruise on your nail may cause it to have white spots and can have no correlations with the lack of vitamins. You should keep a proper and balanced diet, just in case.

Are fake nails harmful to your natural nails?

It depends! Fake nails can block proper oxygenation, and if used too often, can cause problems to your nail bed. However, if you have your beautiful acrylic or SNS nails done by a professional, they will take proper steps to ensure your nail is healthy and can be a great beauty accessory. It is essential to remove your fake nails correctly, so you don't risk getting the outside layer of your nails out when pulling the artificial nail.

Is filing your nail surface harmful?

Truth! If done improperly, filing the top of your nails can harm the nail bed and cause weakening. E-filing can be dangerous since it is easy to put in a higher setting hoping to have smoother nails. If you want to get a smooth polish application, gently file your nails with lower settings.

Can square nails lead to ingrown nails?

Myth! The square shape is ideal since it makes your nails go straight up, without the dangers of going inside your skin.