How to keep your clients coming back for more?

FROALA-EMFROALA-SMThe latest beauty standards of woman have revolutionized the beauty industry around the globe. Regular beauty routines and visits to beauty parlors has become a norm for women around to make them look presentable at all times. These routines help women gain their confidence in a way no other can. Women feel good when they look good.


This proliferation of high beauty standards in regular life has made the stylists and their counterpart’s jobs more challenging day after day. There is a new trend emerging every day and stylists and beauticians make sure that they are well informed about such to incorporate these trends in their regular routines. This helps the stylists create a brand for themselves and help lure those women in.

Women tend to go to the same stylist or prefer a single one for a long time period. This is mainly because of the likeness towards the approach of a stylist or a beautician. Since the whole process of a salon appointment and the routines is long, stylists tend to create a good rapport with the customers. This involves sharing of DIY tips, information about products that are beneficial and pocket friendly.

Clients approach a beautician for more than a cut and color. To make them come back to you requires time and effort. Take that step ahead to make them feel special. Make them feel accommodated and comfortable in that chair. A customer is looking for more than a style change. Offer suggestions and invest time on them. This will help in the process of gaining their respect and trust. Give them more than what they are looking for.

  • Keep yourself updated with new styles and trends
  • Voice it to your customer
  • Suggest beauty in a budget
  • Always ensure that you exceed customer expectations and set a bar of standard
  • Listen to what the customer wants and work towards and better on it
  • Do not force your opinions down their throat

Good customer service is the key to make a client return to you. This will set your business apart from your competition. There is a salon or a stylist at every corner of the street. Thanks to social media, now beauty is available at your fingertips; in the comfort of your homes. Hence it is important to understand that the brand loyalty you build through good customer service can take your business a long way. You know you've achieved your goal when they leave with a smile and come back with a friend.