Instagram tips for your beauty business

You probably heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" before. You should know that it also applies to your business, especially in the beauty industry. Knowing how to implement this rule on your Instagram page can be the difference between wasting your time and getting new clients.


Instagram emerged as a social platform for images. Everything about Instagram is visual. With technology changes and updates, Instagram now has new features, such as "stories" and the ability to post videos. On average, Instagram users are much more likely to interact with your post than Facebook users.


More than just a channel for relationships between friends, co-workers, and family, social media has become a significant gateway for brands and companies that want to interact with their audiences. For the beauty industry, high-quality pictures and stunning graphics is one of the main differentials that can make your business stand out amongst your competitors. Other key factors to stand out include having an established profile identity and a consistent posting schedule.

In esthetics and beauty photos, it is essential to learn a little bit about proper lighting and photo angles. It is not as difficult as it sounds: your phone can probably take stunning high-definition pictures, and with a few simple tricks you will be able to showcase your work on Instagram. Be mindful: don't take photos in dark rooms, and try not to cut anyone's heads out of the pictures.


Check out these great tips on what content to post to generate the most likes on Instagram:


The images you post represent your work and your results. These photos will work as a tool to engage and motivate your customer, fans, and prospects, to try new services in your salon. Besides posting new haircuts, styles, and promoting your beauty treatments, show updos and teach tricks that your clients can use at home to improve their look. Posts in which you provide valuable insights and share your knowledge tend to have higher engagement rates.


Discounts and Giveaways

Make exclusive promotions and sales events for your Instagram followers. Offer discounts a free add-on to a haircut to promote the use of your hashtag, for example. This technique will attract followers that can't wait to see your next promo.


Be relevant

Educate yourself on latest trends by reading magazines, blogs and following influential beauty providers to brainstorm for content. If you see a "hot" topic, take the opportunity and think about eye-catching posts on the subject that your followers (and prospects) will love and want to follow.


Have your hashtag

The hashtag (#) works as a subject indexer, gathering all the posts that used the same hashtag in one place. Educate your customers about your hashtag, and if they are more than happy with their new hair after their service, ask them if they could post a photo and use your hashtag. That way, everyone that follows your customer on Instagram will see your business, giving you an excellent opportunity for non-invasive and very effective marketing.


Promote your customers and followers


The re-post tool will help customer engaging your customers. Many social media users love to share moments and selfies with their new haircut. If your client posts a picture at your salon, share the post on your business Instagram. It will create a sense of credibility, your client will feel flattered, and will most likely post a picture at your salon next time she comes in.


Show your strengths


If your hairdresser or manicurist is on a seminar or event, don't let it go unnoticed. Post a photo and explain in the caption how the event or workshop is going to help in better serving your customers. This method shows how your salon and professionals care about continuously improving services and personal qualifications.


Don't have an Instagram profile? Don't miss out! Create your profile today and put these tips to the test.

 If you have any questions, ask us in the comments. It will be a pleasure to help you and your salon to grow!