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Today was my first time there I felt sooo relieved when I left. I's so happy I found this spa and can't wait to visit it again. Thank you for the care. Thank you PBW App for connecting me to Somatic, I will continue to use the App for all my beauties



With a very busy summer, I was very stressed, and my friend Silvia told me about this new Beauty and Wellness App, that she used to book a massage appointment two weeks ago, I decided to try and I book an acupuncture treatment with Philip Jean through the App. I did not know much about acupuncture, I since I've never tried it before therefore. At first, I was anxious about the process but Philip was kind enough to go through the entire process with me and explained everything. After the treatment, I felt so relaxed and looking forward to book another appointment. I highly recommend this treatment for people who are going through tough times, including stress, depression, insomnia, etc. Keep up the good work Philip.



I am really pleased with Maria's expertise in hair styling. Can't wait for my hair to grow! Thanks a lot PBW for connecting me with such a great talent like her.